Every brilliant place

But the important part here is the new habitual places, like going to the forest for a daily walk, or sitting by the lake writing, as well as the scattered places, the ones that indicate that a life is being lived.

If symptoms persist, consult, just simply consult!

Last year in a journalism workshop I attended, the lecturer said that the best thing a master can give us is access to academic papers for free. I never considered that academic papers could prove to be quite as useful at helping people go through their issues just as they help journalists backing-up their stories.

Wearing a hoodie when it’s 35°C outside

The thing is: I’m afraid of sounding and looking ridiculous. If something that I do might be perceived as “sexy”, I immediately shake it off, like after a tumble, and I never expand it or prolong it in time.

A project of interviews and reflections on how to navigate through life as a young adult, with the aim of making the first step of every decision a bit clearer.


“The Next Step Sessions” are accountability sessions in group, built to normalize your creative goals by being part of a community of like-minded people. It’s about companionship, accountability, sharing our expertise and getting through the emotional discomfort of giving birth to a creative side-project. Maybe in your social circle no one is into this kind of stuff, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pursue it!

“Honestly, this group has been filling my days with joy – it’s been so helpful and I’m so thankful to be part of this.”

– Sara Coggin

“I’m not looking for answers on our accountability group because I know that there’s no one that can realize my project better than I do. But I want someone to be in the trenches with me (…) and the group will let me know when I’m in my own way.”

– INGRID Skåre

“The sessions have been extremely helpful in keeping me accountable with personal and creative projects! Mariana has been such an amazing friend and mentor and helped me define the vision, mission, and content for my blog.”

– Sophia Cheng


I’m Mariana, an aspiring writer and journalist, and founder of the interview-project “OK, what’s the next step?”. So you have an idea of my background, in April of 2019, I wrote on my journal a list of things I enjoyed doing because I wanted to find my passion and create something out of that. I was mostly bored and disconnected, and craving for a creative outlet. But nothing came out of that list until a few months after, when I started playing with the idea of creating a website that explored the idea that there’s no need to reinvent the wheel and we can figure out what to do with our lives by looking at how other inspiring people have made it.

It’s been less than a year but since then, my website went live, I had the chance to talk and interview people I admire, put online some musings and discovered how to monetize this side-project by creating The Next Step Sessions.

From starting a project, going freelance or traveling the world, this is the space to share the “how(s)” of others, and some of mine too!


Inspired by the first interview of this project with Madeleine Dore, I created a short and free of charge workbook on how to start a project. If you’d like to have access to it and the newsletters, subscribe here: