How to become a DJ, with Alexandru Dediu

Alexandru Dediu is a multimedia designer and DJ. He’s part of Block3, a Copenhagen-based group of DJs that organizes music events and podcasts, where they play their own tracks and share their take on the electronic music scene.

How to create a collective, with Lugansk Contemporary Diaspora

Lugansk Contemporary Diaspora is a loose collective initiated in 2015 by artists-refugees from Lugansk.

How to become an illustrator, with Mattia Chus

Mattia Chus is a freelance illustrator, graphic designer and mural painter based in Copenhagen, and organizer of the event-series Sketchy Monday.

How to become a freelance journalist, with Marta Vidal

Marta Vidal is a freelance journalist that has written for international papers such as The Guardian, Washington Post and Al Jazeera.

How to become a digital nomad, with Raida Rehouni of Shut up and Go

Raida Rehouni works remotely as a marketing manager for Shut Up and Go, a travel media company co-founded by two Youtubers.

How to become an artist (and start a podcast in the meantime), with Teresa Arega

Teresa Arega is a Portuguese freelance artist and creator of the “Varicela” podcast.

How to become an activist, with Alex Bez of Amazing Vegan Outreach

Alex Bez is an animal rights activist and founder of Amazing Vegan Outreach, an organization that teaches vegan activists how to inspire others to take action.

How to start a project, with Madeleine Dore of extraordinary routines

Madeleine Dore is a freelance writer and founder of the website Extraordinary Routines, an interview project that uncovers the routines of artists and entrepreneurs.