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Wearing a hoodie when it’s 35°C outside

The thing is: I’m afraid of sounding and looking ridiculous. If something that I do might be perceived as “sexy”, I immediately shake it off, like after a tumble, and I never expand it or prolong it in time.

Location, location, location

Personally, the word location has been haunting me since then, and although I’ve tried to push it under the carpet for 2021, the truth is that I have to decide if I’m staying in Copenhagen or spending a semester in Lisbon, now that I won’t be going to Rio for my internship because of Covid-19.

What writers talk about when they talk about running

There it was again, exercising and writing in the same sentence – what was the deal with this?

A guide for my friend and I to stop whining over our calendars

And what starts as merely 20 minutes of planning becomes an existential crisis about the type of life we’re living.

In case you’re reading this

Rosenberg’s arguments rest upon the idea that behind every argument there are needs that aren’t being met. For instance, this would translate into shifting the words “You’re always late!” to “I’m feeling furious because I would like you to be around more times than you are”.

Could Sylvia Plath have been saved by mindfulness?

Two years ago, amidst my depression, I wrote in my journal “I wonder if Sylvia Plath and Virginia Woolf could have been saved by mindfulness”.