Mariana Gomes


But the important part here is the new habitual places, like going to the forest for a daily walk, or sitting by the lake writing, as well as the scattered places, the ones that indicate that a life is being lived.

Last year in a journalism workshop I attended, the lecturer said that the best thing a master can give us is access to academic papers for free. I never considered that academic papers could prove to be quite as useful at helping people go through their issues just as they help journalists backing-up their stories.

Personally, the word location has been haunting me since then, and although I’ve tried to push it under the carpet for 2021, the truth is that I have to decide if I’m staying in Copenhagen or spending a semester in Lisbon, now that I won’t be going to Rio for my internship because of Covid-19.

Rosenberg argumenta que por trás de cada discussão existem necessidades que não estão a ser satisfeitas, e que nós ficaríamos muito mais felizes se lidássemos com elas e tentássemos satisfazê-las. Por exemplo, isto traduz-se em algo como mudar o discurso de “Estás sempre atrasado!” para “Eu fico furiosa porque eu gostava que estivesses comigo mais vezes do que estás”.

Rosenberg’s arguments rest upon the idea that behind every argument there are needs that aren’t being met. For instance, this would translate into shifting the words “You’re always late!” to “I’m feeling furious because I would like you to be around more times than you are”.